7 thoughts on “Language Quiz

  1. There are elements and sounds that suggest some sort of relation to Spanish but I also hear things that remind me of an African language, not necessarily Bantu. Could it be some sort of patois based on Spanish or Portuguese? Maybe even some indigenous language of Central or South America (which I somewhat doubt though)?

  2. It’s risky to pivot off of just a single word you thought you heard, but I thought I heard “Haiti”, so I’m going to guess Kreyol, as the other features don’t seem inconsistent with that.

  3. I’m currently studying Haitian Creole and I can tell there are elements of the phonology which don’t quite fit. I agree with the elements of both African and Romance languages though. As for Romance-based Creoles, the most likely options would be Papiamento/u, Cape Verdian Creole, or Chavocano de Zamboanga.

  4. Haitian Creole sounds much closer to French than this one. I hear some nasal vowels and so I think that rules out Chavocano. Cape Verdean Creole may be a candidate, though.

  5. I hear a slight Dutch intonation with one of the speakers (0:01: 0:15). Could it be Papiamento or Sranantongo?

  6. I don’t think it’s Papiamento since I have studied that a bit and I don’t hear anything of what I remember. It sounds so odd to hear something that sounds so much like Spanish and hear a word like “potlood” in the middle of a sentence!

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