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  1. I sort of agree. The words ending in “-mak” suggest it’s (to me, at least) Hungarian but I also wonder for some odd reason if it’s not Turkish or a Turkic language.

  2. I am a native Hungarian speaker and I can confirm this is not Hungarian. I getting vibes that it maybe something Slavonic, or Uralic like Mordvin or Permic, or obscurely Germanic. But I am really guessing.

  3. @ Hank: Yes, that was exactly what led me towards Hungarian. But then I quickly realized that the /θ/ and /dʒ/ sounds at the beginning are not found in that language. Upon which I couldn’t resist giving the song a Shazam, so: yup, Emanuel 🙂

  4. Thanks, Drabkikker! I do not speak Hungarian but I work with Hungarians and have been to Hungary many times and so can rule out that language. However, I still think that there is something Uralic in the air. Can you confirm that, Drabkikker?

  5. The language is Dovahzul, or the Dragon Language, from the Elder Scrolls series of video games.

    The recording comes from YouTube

    This is from an original song called Vokul Fen Mah by Malukah, a singer-songwriter from Mexico. There is a transcription and translation of the Dovazhul parts in the description of the video.

  6. Well, That explains a lot! At least in my old age I don’t feel quite that stupid! Keep us on our toes Simon! Lol

  7. Hank – I’ve never played those games, and know nothing about them, but just like the song and the singer, which is why I chose it.

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