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  1. Listening to this the first time, while I hear what sounds like clicks, they don’t seem to be what one associates with Khoisan languages. I think it is a North American indigenous language from the Pacific Northwest of the US or the coast of British Columbia in Canada.

  2. Dw i wedi drganfod yr ateb ond bydda i ddim ei datgeli ef nes ymlaen. Os gwelwch yn dda maddeuwch fy ngwallau yn Nghymraeg!

  3. Is the Hank Williams comment above a clue I wonder. I can now hear some odd Welsh words- but maybe it’s just the power of suggestion.

  4. Nope,it’s not a clue. I know that it is preferred by our webmaster that if we discover the right answer, we don’t reveal it TOO early and spoil everyone’s fun (with which I totally agree). Hence, I wrote that in Welsh to Simon so that he’d know but I wasn’t “trumpeting my triumph” too soon! Lol

  5. In that case I have to apologise for my early answer last week, Hank. As I don’t speak Welsh, I’ll have to find another way to let Simon know …

  6. No apology necessary. I was so pleased (and surprised!) that I found the answer that I wanted to let Simon know but I wanted to wait until later in the week to send in my answer. I hope you have the very best of celebrations at this, the diverse festive season for so many people.

  7. Listening to it, I realized that I heard the name that the Klallam themselves give to their language, which is very difficult to pronounce!! So I think it is Klallam, a Salish language. From the first moment he agreed with what Hank have said on day 19.

  8. I did find it to be Klallam but didn’t wan to say it too early. I knew it was from the west coast but lucked out as far as finding the clip with it on. I am so seldom right that I was (pleasantly) surprised!

  9. I only reckoned that it is a language from the American NW – because of its phonology – but couldn’t have said anything more than that. Bravi, Hank & David!

  10. The language is Klallam (Nəxʷsƛʼayʼəmúcən), a Salishan language that was spoken in Washington State in the USA and on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada, and which is currently being revived.

    The recording comes from YouTube

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