9 thoughts on “Language Quiz

  1. I think it’s Sino-Tibetic, perhaps Sinitic, and tonal. And that’s all I can say …

  2. I would agree with Emanuel. It is tonal and there are some sounds that I associate with Tibetan but also some similar sounds from Lao or Vietnamese. I guess we can start guessing and/or looking.

  3. The music in the background also suggests a sinitic cultural environment – which doesn’t mean too much, though, because it could still be Vietic, for example. Another point is that many morphemes seem to be monosyllabic. Anyway, I reckon that this language is spoken – or originated – in Southern China or Southeast Asia. Maybe a clue in a day or two?

  4. My guess was something Himalayan or Southeast Asian; if it’s not a language of Bhutan (that’s Dzhongka, right? I’m trying not to cheat by looking anything up) then I’ll guess one of the Hmong languages.

  5. Perhaps it’s one of the 56 minority languages recognized by the Chinese government …

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