7 thoughts on “Language Quiz

  1. The syllable structure seems to point towards something Austronesian/Oceanic, but I wouldn’t be able to be more specific than that.

  2. I agree with Deabkikker. Certainly there are sounds that make me think of the south Pacific. There is one vowel sound, though, that resembles both something Japanese as well as Russian (ы) but I still think it must be Austronesian/Oceanic as suggested above.

  3. The music is reminiscent of Hawaiian slack key, but Hawaiian has a very limited consonant inventory that doesn’t seem to match.

  4. Yes, it sounds Polynesian, and if it wasn’t for two instances of /s/ I’d say we’re listening to a song in the dialect of Ni’ihau, Hawai’i …

  5. I agree with emanuel. That / s / misleads me, since it does not exist in Hawaiian – I think. She exchanges / k / with / t / and / l / with / r / as in Ni’ihau … For example, the mythical Hawaiian Kanaloa appears as Tangaroa in other Polynesian myths, although its functions do not exactly coincide.

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