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  1. From the timbre of the voice I am pretty sure it is a North American indigenous language. I also think I heard the word “lakota” so I am going to say it is just that, Lakota Sioux.

  2. My first instinct is Athabaskan, because those are the only languages I know of that have ejectives and voiceless lateral fricatives but not as many consonant clusters as Salishan or Wakashan languages. For some reason I’m specifically thinking Apache, but there are a few different Apache languages and I’m not sure how to narrow it down. If it’s not Athabaskan I’m thinking Penutian, which right now is generally seen as more an areal than genetic grouping

  3. The last two times I did not participate because I was left without internet. It has already been solved. I think this is Wakashan and specifically Haisla.

  4. Thanks Hank, although anyone can do it … sometimes it was you, other times CDK, other times Emanuel etc …

  5. The language is Haisla (X̄a’’islak̓ala), a Northern Wakashan language spoken in the North Coast Region of British Columbia in Canada.

    The recording comes from YouTube:

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