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  1. @ Simon. Hmmm. Not right away; my knowledge of the African languages is very limited. But going by the sound inventory: I think I’m hearing tones as well as voiced labial–velar plosives (gb). Of the sample languages listed on the relevant Wiki page, the only one that seems to have a [x] as well seems to be Ega, so that would be my guess for now. I could be way off though 🙂

  2. Could it be Igbo? I remember when the war in Biafra was taking place they referred to it as the Ibo tribe but I think they have since changed the name to Igbo. Since I thought I heard the word “ibo”
    or “igbo” and it’s in Africa I will go with that.

  3. @ Simon: It doesn’t seem my latest comment from yesterday is coming through (possibly because of the hyperlinks), but my guess for now is: Ega, a.k.a. Egwa or Diés.

  4. Africa is a massive continent with several unrelated language families, so I have no idea why they sound so superficially homogeneous to me and so many other people. I’m pretty sure this recording is Niger-Congo but I have no idea which branch

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