10 thoughts on “Language Quiz

  1. This is close to home (= the Netherlands)! I’m not quite sure though: it could be one of the Dutch or German Low Saxon dialects, or perhaps some variety of Frisian.

  2. I think Zeelandic. Maybe Frisian, but I’m going with Zeelandic, the accent and tone is very Zeelandic.

  3. I am too ill informed to hazard a guess but….it’s like hearing a dialect of English. The phrasing, prosody, slowness of delivery. Much more similar to English than Anglo Saxon!

  4. O.k., this was a tough one – given the fact that it is Germanic. It’s the Mennonite version of Plattdeutsch, spoken wherever Mennonites live these days. Historically, it is a form of East Low German from NE Germany and adjacent areas of Poland. And yes, because of the “Low” in “East Low German” it is in a sense not too far away from Drabkikker’s home 🙂

  5. For me this is Low German or Low Saxon, but I don’t know which of all the variants or dialects.

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