7 thoughts on “Language Quiz

  1. The sounds DO sound African but the music makes me think it’s somehow a native language with Hispanic overtones. Possibly something from the Caribbean as well? Perhaps an African language from a former Portuguese colony?

  2. The vowel system seems to be five vowels, not seven, which suggests not Niger-Congo.

  3. From the music, not just African, but Western African. Which, as pointed out, is culturally very close to the Caribbean. But, for as good as I can hear the words I didn’t hear any Spanish/Portuguese influence, so I’m going to place my bet on the African continent and say somewhere between Senegal and Liberia.

  4. Well, I feel like I “cheated” a bit by relying almost entirely on the music, so I went back and listened more to the language. Simon’s hint about possible French influence points at some kind of Creole, but I just couldn’t hear it. So I’m sticking with “some Niger-Congo language”, and putting a long-shot bet on specifically Wolof.

  5. The answer is Bulu (Nkobô Bulu), a Bantu language spoken in the South Region of Cameroon. The song is called Bijabo and it’s sung by la Chorale Bulu du Cameroun.

    The recording comes from YouTube:

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