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  1. There being so many I can only guess but I am almost certain that it is a North American indigenous language, possibly from eastern Canada.

  2. It probably is not from the northwestern US. There aren’t enough consonant clusters.

  3. Sounds native American. The word manitou was mentioned (if I heard correctly), which would suggest Algonquian languages.

  4. Apart from Manitou or Manedo, I think I have also heard Napi and other beings from Algonkian mythology; therefore it is an Algonkin language, and if the sound of the Spanish Z / English TH appears, and if it is not Shawnee, it will be Arapaho, Kikapu, or Maiami-Ilini..

  5. I would have jumped to something Algonkian, but all those /th/ and /w/ sounds don’t fit. I know it can’t be right, but I’m going to guess that it’s an Algonquin speaking Welsh.

  6. Jonathan,
    Maybe it’s Mandan! They were supposed to be Welsh-speaking Indians who might have descended from the landing of Prince Madoc in Mobile Bay in Alabama centuries ago. Who knows?! Lol

  7. The answer is Sauk (Thâkiwâtowêwenia), a dialect of Fox / Meskwaki-Sauk-Kickapoo, an Algonquian language spoken in Iowa, Oklahoma and Kansas in the USA.

    The recording comes from YouTube:

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