Fancy some cuddle-me-buff?

According to an episode of the podcast Something Rhymes with Purple, the expression cuddle-me-buff is slang for beer, although why is uncertain.

According to Word and Phrases from the Past, cuddle-me-buff is a Derbyshire dialect terms for an intoxicating liquor.

Another interest word in Derbyshire dialect is swilkerin’, or to drink tea from a saucer [source].

According to QI, cuddle-me-buff is a Yorkshire dialect term for beer.

There are some other more common slang words for intoxicating beverages, such as booze and hoo(t)ch. Do you know others?

4 thoughts on “Fancy some cuddle-me-buff?

  1. In the U.S. Midwest and probably other areas with Poles, a beer is a brewski, most commonly “a couple of brewskies.”

  2. There’s also huckle-my-buff, which is a hot drink made with beer, egg, brandy and spices, from Sussex, England.

  3. Brew is also used in the UK slang, as in “Fancy a brew?”, though usually refers to tea, and sometimes coffee or other hot drinks.

    Homebrew is beer brewed at home.

    Another slang term for alcoholic drinks used in some parts of the UK, particularly northern England, is bevvy, as in “Let’s go for a bevvy”, it can also refer to the act of drinking and the after effects: “We got well bevvied last night”.

    Huckle-my-buff sounds like a children’s game, as does cuddle-me-buff in fact.

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