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  1. I enjoy it when there’s music in the quiz, but it often lets me cheat. I’m going to follow Chris and guess something from the Maghreb.

  2. I heard the word “lakadie” (sp?) at least twice but living in New Brunswick Canada, the main part of “l”Acadie” I KNOW it’s not French. Going out on a very thin limb could it be a Kurdish song about the Akkadian empire?! Taking a REAL stab at this one!

  3. I hear a three vowel system (/a/, /i/, /u/)with /ai/ or /aj/ added.There does not appear to be significant use of either /al-/ or /ha-/ in the manner of a definite article in either Arabic or Hebrew. Probably Semitic, or at least Afro-Asiatic, but not Hebrew, and it it’s a form of Arabic, I doubt that it would be close to standard.

  4. похож на смесь азербайжанского, турецкого и таджикского.

  5. The answer is Aghul (Агъул чӀал), a member of the Lezgic branch of the Northest Caucasian language family spoken mainly in Dagestan in Russian, and also in Azerbaijan.

    The recording comes from YouTube:

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