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  1. There are certain sounds somewhat deep in the throat that makes me think it is Vietnamese or st least a southeast Asian language.

  2. Definitely Vietnamese. It sounds kind of like Thai, but I cant understand any of it (I learned some Thai a couple years ago) and Thai and Vietnamese have always sounded similar to me, but if i cant understand a word, then I know its Vietnamese.

  3. Pretty sure the speaker says the (English) words “Chin State”, “Mizo”, and “Pawi” in there, which along with the syllable structure and tonal qualities suggest one of the Kuki-Chin languages spoken across the Burma-India-Bangladesh border regions.

    With the constant non-speech sounds going on in the background, it’s not super easy to tell if this language has the kinds of consonants and consonant clusters typically seen in some Kuki-Chin languages, though, and given my lack of expertise in the area, I can’t really be sure if it’s really one of these languages or something spoken nearby.

  4. The answer is Zou (Zom/Zomi), a Kukish language spoken in parts of Burma, India and Bangladesh.

    The recording comes from YouTube:

  5. So it’s not even in the same large language family as Vietnamese? That’s really surprising to me.

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