Les mots de le semaine

français English Cymraeg
instable precarious (ladder) simsan; sigledig; siglog
précarie precarious (situation; existence) ansicr
périlleuse precarious simsan; sigledig; siglog
le navet turnip meipen; erfinan
le rutabaga swede swedsen; rwden
le potiron; la citrouille pumpkin pwmpen; pompiwn
chirurgien surgeon llawfeddyg
la (veste à) capuche hoodie hwdî
bouder; faire la tête to sulk sorri; pwdu; mulo
la bouderie sulks pwd; soriant; sorri
elle boude; elle fait la tête she’s sulking / she’s in the sulks mae’r pwd arni; mae hi ‘di sorri; mae hi yn y pwd

2 thoughts on “Les mots de le semaine

  1. Bouder comes from the Old French root *bod- (to swell), probably from the Proto-Germanic *būd-, *beud-, *buzda-, *bus- (to swell), from the Proto-Indo-European *beu-, *bu-, *bʰew- (to blow, swell, become, grow, appear), which is also the root of the English bud and Welsh bod (to be) [source].

    Not sure about the origins of pwdu.

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