Treading Together

Treading Together

In Swedish one word for a meeting is ett sammenträde. I wondered about the origins of this word, so thought I would investigate.

Sammenträde comes from sammanträda (to meet, to hold a meeting, to convene), which comes from sammen (together) and träda (to tread, walk, step). So when you have a meeting in Swedish, you are “treading together”.

Sammenträde also means session, conclave or assembly. Related expressions include:

– sammanträda igen = to reconvene
– sammanträde som försiggår i plenum – plenary session
– regeringssammanträde – cabinet meeting

Other Swedish words for meeting include:

möte = meeting, assembly, conference, convocation, encounter, engagement, rally, meet
konferens = meeting, conference, consultation, school meeting
samling = array, gathering, meeting, accumulation, aggregate, assembling, assembly, battery, body, bunch, circus, cluster, coalition, collection, crowd, cumulation, garner, huddle, lot, meet, pack, corpus
sammenkomst = assembly, gathering, gettogether, meeting, conference, session (“arrive together”)
församling = assembly, parish, cure, flock, township, meeting, congregation, diet

Are there interesting words for meeting in other languages?

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  1. I’ve never heard that word before but it makes immediate sense to me. But surely it’s “ett sammanträde” (neuter gender and the second vowel is an A)

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