A Tasty Font

On an episode of Word of Mouth I listened today, they discuss the associations we have with different fonts.

Studies have found that different fonts can effect the way food tastes to you. For example, the same chocolate can taste sweeter, or less sweet, just because it’s labelled with different fonts.

Some examples of chocolate bars with different fonts

Which of the above would you prefer?

And no, I’m not planning to bring out an Omniglot chocolate bar, in case you’re wondering.

If Greek yoghurt, hummus or other Greek foods are labelled with a Greek-looking font, you may believe that they come from Greece and are more authentic than such products labelled with a different style of font.

Some examples of hummus packaging in different fonts

Which of these is most Greek?

Some fonts are seen as more masculine, while others are seen as more feminine.

Some examples of shop signs

Would you say these shop signs are masculine, feminine or neither?

What are your favourite fonts?

Are there fonts your really don’t like and/or don’t use?

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