International Mother Language Day

International Mother Language Day Poster

As you might know, today is International Mother Language Day. The theme this year is “Linguistic diversity and multilingualism: keystones of sustainability and peace”.

To do my bit for multilinguism, I’m currently learning Swedish, Russian, Romanian and Slovak, and practising other languages, especially French and Welsh. So far today I’ve learnt a bit more Romanian and Russian, listened to some Welsh language radio, and read a bit of Swedish.

Tonight I studied some Swedish and Slovak, spoke English and Laala, read in English, Latin and Scots, and sang in English, Welsh, French, Zulu and Church Slavonic.

What languages have you spoken, read, heard, written, sung and/or studied today?

3 thoughts on “International Mother Language Day

  1. Yesterday I stayed at home with a sore throat, so I didn’t really speak any languages. But on most days I speak Swedish, English, Danish and Finnish and sometimes German too.

  2. Today I studied Spanish and was watching Familia de peluche. It’s great for learn new vocabulary.

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