9 thoughts on “Language quiz

  1. Sounds vaguely African/Bantu to me, but I could also swear that I heard the word ‘watashi’ (Japanese for ‘I’) a few times so who knows.

  2. The very strange feature that the last syllable or word of a sentence is almost being sung reminds me of Jingpho spoken in Myanmar.

  3. With lexical tone + that characteristic sentence-final tone, presence of reduced syllables, voiceless aspirated stops (but no breathy-voiced ones), and fairly unmarked vowels, my thought was also “Tibeto-Burman language of Burma (and surroundings)”, but it’s not a confident guess, and I can’t get more specific.

  4. Me too. But I figure this is a place for amateurs and we can have fun speculating until Sameer gives us actual facts. Interesting to learn that the sentence-final tone is characteristic of the language, and not just this speaker (or recitation).

  5. Hahaha, it’s pretty rare that I can get any narrower than a broad region of the world, so really I’m just speculating too 🙂

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