Finnish Language Day

Apparently today is Finnish Language Day or Suomen kielen päivä. It is the anniversary of the death of Mikael Agricola (c. 1510-1557), a clergyman who is known as the “father of literary Finnish” – he translated religious works into Finnish, including the New Testament, and modern Finnish spelling is based on his work. Before then there was no standard form of written Finnish [source].

It is also my birthday – Ta mee shey bleeaney as daeed d’eash jiu.

2 thoughts on “Finnish Language Day

  1. Laa ruggyree sonney dhyt. S’treih lhiam dy vel mee daa laa anmagh – cha vaik mee dty haghteraght roïe. Ta mish kerroo-cheead blein ny shinney na uss!

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