New languages to learn?

Recently I have acquired quite a few new language courses: as a sponsor of the Polyglot Conference in New York I received 10 new Colloquial language courses in Albanian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Estonian, Hungarian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish and Russian. I also bought a Glossika Russian course with the special offer given to conference participants, and bought a Basque course from Assimil with affiliate commission from Amazon France.

My new language courses

I learnt a little Hungarian many years ago, and am currently working on Czech and Russian, but haven’t studied any of the other languages before. I’d love to know at least the basics of all of them, though have no particular need or desire to learn them at the moment. Also, I already have courses in a number of languages that I have only glanced at so far – Arabic, Norwegian, Swedish, Scots and Cornish.

Do you sometimes get carried away with acquiring language courses and other materials?

Do you think you will get round to learn all those languages one day?

3 thoughts on “New languages to learn?

  1. Rather than learn languages in abstract I prefer to learn those for which I have a dynamic reason to do so. Like visiting a country regularly. However, I make an exception for Welsh which I find to be stunningly beautiful. I don’t really wish to learn Welsh for communicative reasons- I don’t live there. It’s more like music appreciation; similar to how some people listen to Bach or other music just to appreciate it.

  2. It reminds me of my “knitting problem” – buying the yarn for some unspecified future project…

  3. Carried away? Certainly not– I only allow myself one language book per bookstore visit. 🙂

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