9 thoughts on “Language quiz

  1. It seems that today’s language is giving us some headache.
    A shot in the dark: spoken in the Pacific Ocean it’s rather a Micronesian than a Polynesian language,

  2. Another shot in the dark with little confidence, North Eastern Siberia Chukchi Goldi etc

  3. I want to say Rapa Nui or Tahitian, but I doubt I’m correct. Still, I thought I heard a word, pupuhi or pupui, that means “spear” or “spear gun” in Tahitian.

  4. (Hmmm, one source says that “pupui” is the form of that word in Rarotonga. Could it be that?)

  5. Definitely Eastern Polynesian. Not Rarotongan, don’t think it’s Tahitian … Has a k. Tuamotuan?

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