A puffling

The other day I discovered that a young puffin is known as a puffling, which I really like the sound of.

There are a few other words that include the -ling suffix that are commonly used: sibling, duckling, underling, earthling, seedling, yearling (an animal that is between one and two years old) – can you think of others?

There are plenty more on Wiktionary, though few are in common use, as far as I know.

5 thoughts on “Pufflings

  1. There’s a few -ling words I didn’t see on the list from the Wiktionary link:

    darkling (adv. in the dark)
    easterling (resident of an eastern land)
    halfling (one not fully grown)
    sanderling (wading bird, Crocethia alba)
    atheling (member of a noble family)
    starveling (starving or starved person)
    shaveling (contemptuous term for a friar, literally “shaven person”)
    stripling (a youth)

  2. changeling (a fairy child given in exchange for a human one)
    weakling (a weak child, runt)
    gosling (young goose)
    codling (young cod)
    spiderling (young spider – possibly a modern coinage)

    German also uses the “-ling” suffix:

    Zwilling (twin)
    Pfifferling (chanterelle – ‘pepper-ling’)
    Egerling, Angerling (field mushroom, horse mushroom etc,)

  3. Supposedly, a flapling is a newly hatched pterosaur. It may not be that common, though (if handy).

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