The Tower of Babel (Genesis 11: 1-9)

Guanano / Wanano (Piratapuyo)

Jipihtina masa cū̵ dʉsero durucuinare payʉ dʉserire duruchuchu yoaha

Wahmanopʉre jipihtina masa cū̵ dʉsero durucuina jia tiha. Ã jia payʉ tina Sinar wama tiri yahpai jia niha. Ti yahpai jia õ sehe nija ti basi:

- Pjiri maca dahrejihna mari. Ã yoana mʉari wʉhʉre mʉanopʉ sʉri wʉhʉre dahrejihna. Mari ã yoachʉ ñʉa paina masa marire masiahca. Ã jina wiho jiina jisi mari. Mari ã ina ahri yahpapʉ waha sitesi mari, niha tina ti basi.

à ni tuhsʉ ti macare, mʉari wʉhʉ cʉhʉre dahre dʉcaha. Ti ã dahrechʉ ñʉno Cohamacʉ tinare ñʉ jicoaeraha. à jiro jipihtina masare soro durucuchʉ yoaha. à jiro cū̵ curua soro durucu, pa curua soro durucu, payʉ dʉserire durucuhʉ yoaha Cohamacʉ masare. To ã yoachʉ masa widia soro durucuina waha, tina waha sitea wahaha ahri yahpapʉ. Ti yoamari maca Babe wama tiha.

Source: Panopᵾ Cohamacᵾ Yare Yahu Mᵾhtari Tju. Resumen en guanano de pasajes selectos del Antiguo Testamento. Wycliffe Bible Translators, Inc., 2014.

Contributed by Wolfgang Kuhl

Guanano, or Wanano, is a Tucanoan language spoken in the northwest part of Amazonas in Brazil and in Vaupés in Colombia.

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