The Tower of Babel (Genesis 11: 1-9)

Eastern Arrernte

Tyerrtye Babylon-arenyele apmere arlpentye akngerre arterrirrem

1. Nhenhe ikwerele-ureke, arrekwelenye areye itne angkentye anyente ware angkerrirretyarte, itne ingkirreke angkentye rante-rante angkerretyarte.

2. Ikngerre ampinyele itne anerrirretyarte iperre, itne apmere yanhe impemele aname-irreke ahelhe akethe akngerre-werne apmere Shinar-ele, yanhe ikwerele anerrirreke.

3. Itne apmere yanhe ikwerele anerlte-anemele angkerreke, "Anwerne ahelhe urrkngele arne brick areye mpwarewarretyeke, ure akngerrele itemele itne lterrke-irretyenhenge. Kele imerte anwerne apmere arlpentye akngerre renhe mpwarewarremele." Kele itne ahelhe urrknge-ngentyele brick areye mpwarewarreke, apwerte-kwenye-arle, itnenhe urele lterrke-ilemele. Itne imerte tar mpwaremele, itnenhe anyentelhe-iletyeke, kwentye-kwentye itnenhe artemele.

4. Itne anteme angkerreke, "Yewe, anwerne warle atningke arteye, anwerne apurte anteme anetyeke atningke anthurre-arle anwerne irremenge, anteke-irretyakenhe anerlte-anetyeke. Kele anwerne anteme warle arlpentye akngerre anthurre mpwepenge arteye alkere akertneke-atwetye. Kenhe arrpenhe areye akweke iperre areye apetyetyenhe apmere nhenhe arerrirremele itne itelarerrirretyenhe anwernenhe tnakewarretyenhenge."

5-7. Kenhe Ngkarte re akenhe akertne-ngentyele atnarnpetyekerleke apmere akngerre areye-arlke warle arlpentye akngerre nhenge itne-arle artetyame renhe aretyeke. Re ikwere-arrpe angkeke, "Tyerrtye nhenhe areyele arne iwenhe apeke renhe mpwaretyeke, itne ingkirreke-arle angkentye anyente-ante angkemenge, itne ingkirreke-arle awerreme-arle. Itne apeke alakenhe renhe akwete mpwaremele, kele imerte itne iwenhe apeke ikwere ahentye-anemele itne mpwaretyeke, arrpenheke arrangkwele itnenhe arrkngerte-iletyeke. Mpe, anwerne itneke-werne-atheke atnarnpetyekerleye angkentye itnekenhe akalkelhe-iletyenhe itnenhe apatelhe-ilemele, itne anteme uye awerretyenhe."

8-9. Alakenhe renhe-arle Ngkartele tyerrtye yanhe areye irrarnpelhe-ileke. Kele itne warle areye-arlke warle arlpentye akngerre-arlke artentye impelheke, itne-arle uye awerretyarte. Kenhe apmere yanhe re akenhe Babel arritnye-arle aneke tyerrtye areyele-arle uyarne awerretyartenge. Kele itne apmere arrpe-anenhele anteme aneme irrarnpeke-irrarnpe anthurre re anteme.


Contributed by Wolfgang Kuhl

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