Long journey

Tomorrow morning I’m off to Ireland for a week of Irish language and culture at Oideas Gael in Donegal. After this I’ll be going to Sabhal Mòr Ostaig, the Gaelic college on the Isle of Skye, for a week of Gaelic song, and should have plenty of opportunities to speak Scottish Gaelic there as well.

Even though the journey will be long and complex involving trains, ferries, buses and planes, plus an overnight stay in Glasgow as it’s not possible to get from Donegal to Skye in one day, I’m really looking forward to it as it will take me through some beautiful scenery.

I probably won’t have internet access during the first week, but might during the second, so it could take a while for me to reply to your emails.

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0 Responses to Long journey

  1. Brittanie says:

    Hope you enjoy your vacation! We’ll miss you! Hopefully you’ll get internet access some how during the second week there.

    Dying to know how things there are! Gaelic is such a pretty language no?


  2. TJ says:

    don’t forget your camera …. I like natural scenes 🙂

  3. Seumas says:

    A h-uile beannachd airson do chuairt gu Sabhal Mor Ostaig, tha mi’n dochas gun cordaidh a h-uile cail riut!

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