Word of the day – typography

Typography is:
1. the art or process of printing from type;
2. the art or process of setting and arranging type for printing;
3. the arrangement, style, or general appearance of printed matter
(from yourdictionary).

It comes via French and Latin from the Greek τύπος (typos), to strike + γραφία (graphia), to write.

I chose this word today because I found an interesting blog about typhography called I Love Typography. As well as discussing typography, the author also gives advice on creating your own fonts, something that quite a few people ask me about. There are also some slightly less-than-serious posts, such as this one about Typoholism, “A disorder characterized by the excessive consumption of and dependence on type…”.

I think I ‘suffer’ from typoholism, and a related condition for which I can’t think of a word at the moment. Can you think of a word for my love of languages and writing systems? Perhaps ‘panglotophilia’.

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2 Responses to Word of the day – typography

  1. dmh says:

    What about Linguaholic, sounds and looks just like a real word and has a nice ring to it 😉 but with only 91 hits on google, it’s definitely ripe for dissemination to the masses…

  2. dmh says:

    Maybe there should be an L.A. (Linguaholics Anonymous) site for all of us linguaphiles. Can you imagine “hi my name’s dmh and I’m a linguaholic. I speak French, Chinese and Russian pretty well, can read Spanish, Italian, Esperanto, my German’s coming along and I’m starting to get a good feel for Persian…” “Is that all?” *Looks at the floor* “Well, some Latin, but only on weekends, at parties, sometimes.”

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