Cathlab Multilingual Phrasebook

I received an email today from a nurse who works in a hospital in Melbourne, Australia and who is compiling a collection of multilingual phrases to assist communication with non-English speaking patients while an interpreter is being sought. He is looking for more translations and sounds files. Can you help? His contact details are on the site.

In other news, tomorrow I’m off to Ireland to take part in the Irish Language & Culture Summer School at Oideas Gael in Glencolmcille. I’ll be away for a week and won’t be blogging during that time.

Amárach beidh mé ag dul go hÉirinn chun páirt a ghlachadh san Scoil Shamhraidh i dTeanga & Cultúr in Oideas Gael i nGleann Cholm Cille. Beidh mé as baile ar feadh seachtaine agus ní bheidh mé ag scríobh ar mo bhlog i gcaitheamh an t-am seo.

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  1. TJ says:

    Good luck with your Gaeilge!
    just a tiny question… shouldn’t it be “beidh mé AG dul..” ?

  2. 向陽 says:

    您好。冒昧寫這封信給您。我目前正在讀一本法文小說,Benoite Groult寫的La touche etoile。她在某段文章內,用諷刺的手法寫了一句「Plaatz de battery」,應該是結合了英文、法文與……,問題來了,我在網站上到處找plaatz這個字,前後文看了很久,我想應該是德文。可是使用德英翻譯網站,譯不出這個字。我看到您的網站,心想也許可以向您請教「plaatz] 。該作者另有一句「soet batteriet」,這好像是挪威語(norvegien),是嗎?

  3. Hi Simon,

    I’m a linguist by education and I love studying languages, especially if I can actually use a new language in its native setting. I admire your foreign language acquisitions. I have studied Spanish, French, German, Russian and Dutch, but I am most comfortable in Spanish. I find that if you don’t practice, you loose the vocabulary and rhythm of the language.

    I just wanted to leave a comment and let you know that I enjoyed looking over your site!

  4. renato figueiredo says:

    Hi Simon, Thanks for this clue, I could colaborating with them translating the sentences in Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, and Croatian. I also saw the Spanish, French, Italian, German but this four were correct. In Tagalog they had a very small problem, which I coorected. Unfortunately, as I don’t have web can nor microphone, I couldn’t put voice. But I think I could help them.

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