Word of the day – lol

The Welsh word lol means nonsense, and according to the dictionary on the BBC Learn Welsh site, it also means foolery, bosh, bunkum, gammon, moonshine, rigmarole, rot, rubbish, tomfoolery or twaddle. Every time I see it, it reminds me of the abbreviation lol for ‘laugh(ing) out loud’.

Here are some examples of usage:

Dyn ni’n siarad llawer o lol yn y dosbarth weithiau.
We talk a lot of nonsense in class sometimes. (quite true!)

Mae’r newyddiadurwr yn ddymunol iawn ond mae e’n ysgrifennu lol weithiau.
The journalist/reporter is very pleasant, but he writes nonsense sometimes.

Words with a similar meaning to lol include ffiloreg, ffwlbri and dwli.

What words do you use to say that something is nonsense?

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9 Responses to Word of the day – lol

  1. TJ says:

    there is still one thing I’m still wondering about in welsh. The “LL” sound.
    Is it merely as “thl” sound? Or is it just silent like “FH” in irish? or is it a liquid “L” or the heavy “L” sound? Many opinions I got about this!

  2. pittmirg says:

    It is the voiceless alveolar lateral fricative, similar to voiceless “L”.

    Saying that something is nonsense, I use “bez sensu”, “bzdury”, “brednie” (of course in Polish).

  3. TJ says:

    non sense in Arabic can have variety of expressions… but i mean standard Arabic not any dialect! 🙂
    and dzekuje for the info about “LL” 🙂

  4. prase says:

    In Czech – nesmysl, blbost, hloupost, pitomost, ptákovina, kravina, volovina, blud (obviously the meaning slightly varied between these words).

  5. Dave says:

    I rather like ‘balderdash’.

    I also like ‘river of shite’. As in, “I love you mum, but sometimes you really do talk a river of shite”.

  6. SuAnne says:

    How about the German: Blöd, Dumm, Sinnlos.

  7. Anders says:

    In Danish we can use vrøvl (as hard to pronounce as it looks!), pis, and sludder, among many others. Colloquially I sometimes use fordrukken sludder (Lit.”drunken nonsense”).

  8. nunyaa says:

    I use two, crud or crock of shit.

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