Word of the day – hysbyseb

Today’s word, hysbyseb (pl, hysbysebion), is the Welsh for advertisement or insertion. Related words include, hysbysebu, to advertise or inform, hysbysfwrdd, noticeboard, hysbysiad, announcement, and hysbysrwydd, information, which is also gwybodaeth.

Hysbyseb comes from the hysbys, which means known, and is used in the term for soothsayer, dyn hysbys.

Examples of usage

Dw i wedi gweld hysbyseb am swydd newydd yn y papur heddiw.
I saw an advert for a new job in the paper today.

Gweler ein hysbyseb yn yr atodiad wythnosol.
See our advertisement in the weekly supplement.

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2 Responses to Word of the day – hysbyseb

  1. jdotjdot89 says:

    I don’t like to do this–post something unrelated to the topic of the blog post–put I can’t find another way around it. Simon, I’d really suggest putting up a forum of some sorts, if you can find a way to. We readers have kept our comments on the blog very clean, and I think we’d treat a forum the same.

    Anyway, I have a request, either for you or for any other reader. I’m learning Arabic but my class is not as good as I’d have hoped–can anyone recommend a useful Arabic learning program or book? So far I’ve been learning the colloquial Syrian/Lebanese/Palestinian dialect.

  2. Laci the Hun says:

    Selaam 🙂
    There is a downloadable book for those English speakers, who want to learn Moroccan Arabic
    so the adress is http://friendsofmorocco.org/learnarabic.htm

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