Word of the day – benutzen

benutzen/benützen, verb = to consult, to make use of, to take advantage of

Example of usage: etwas als Vorwand benutzen = to use something as an excuse

Related words:
benutzbar = usable, passable (road)
Benutzer = user, borrower
benutzung= use
Benutzungsgebühr = charge, hire charge

This word caught my eye today while I was editing a German version of a website. It’s perhaps more nützlich (useful) than yesterday’s word.

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12 Responses to Word of the day – benutzen

  1. Benjamin says:

    What an honour to see a German word as the word of the day.
    If I wouldn’t have loved Omniglot since I first visited that page, I would love it now. 😉

    The sound file of “benutzen/benützen” can’t be found, though. :/

    One last question: Is that you talking in the sound files, or do you get some of them somewhere else?

  2. Joseph Staleknight says:

    I should know. I’m taking German at my high school.

  3. TJ says:

    Let’s not forget: Benutzersdefinierte Filter!
    this is what you get instead of “user-defined filter” when you change your hotmail email account into German! 🙂

  4. Simon says:

    Benjamin – to make German, French and Spanish sound files I use the text-to-speech program at:
    http://public.research.att.com/~ttsweb/tts/demo.php – sehr nützlich!

    The other recordings are all me speaking.

  5. Mike says:

    Out of all the languages I’ve studied/am studying (German, Japanese, Spanish, ASL, and a bit of French), German is by far my favorite.

    Sehr toll!

  6. Benjamin says:

    Nice to hear/read something like that. I don’t think there are that many people out there, who learn German and seeing a person that really likes it happens very rarly. I like German too, but since it’s my mother tongue I better should like it, right. 😉

  7. Fat says:

    I want women! weight loss.

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