Polyglot Gathering

I arrived in Berlin yesterday for the Polyglot Gathering, which starts today. I flew here on KLM via Amsterdam, and unfortunately my luggage stayed in Amsterdam. It should arrive today though, and I’ve coped without it so far. This is only the second time this has happened to me – the last time was when I went to Cuba via Madrid, and my luggage stayed in Madrid for a few days.

Last night I met some of the other polyglots, some of whom speak even more languages than I do. I spoke lots of Esperanto, French and English, and some German, Dutch, Mandarin, Italian, Welsh and Spanish.

The next few days are packed with talks, language lessons and other language-related activities, and lots of polyglottery. A few people I’ve met so far are even familiar with Omniglot, which is great as I rarely meet people who know the site.

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3 Responses to Polyglot Gathering

  1. Mary Brady says:

    Hi! Am a native English speaker and am taking steps to learn German (had 2 years of high school German & have some Germanic ancestry). Am not a polyglot but hope to follow Berlin June conference vicariously. Is there a Twitter hashtag for the conference? Thanks. Your blog looks interesting. I am a lifelong learner & will browse around here. My best.

  2. Mary Brady says:

    Found #PolyglotBer !! Found your Twitter account. Small world. Do you live in Wales? Another part of my ancestry is Welsh. Have traced my paternal line back to Caernarvon in Pennsylvania in the 1600’s, but remain unable to successfully bridge the gap between there & Wales.

  3. Simon says:

    HI Mary. I do live in Wales – in Bangor in the north west, and my mother’s family come from south Wales.

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