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Creating fonts

If you would like to turn your constructed alphabets into fonts, there are a number of ways to do so: you could buy one of the professional font creation tools available from Fontlab, you could use a free font editor such as FontForge or Softy, or use the font creation service Fontifier. Today I found […]

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Irreversible binomials

Irreversible binomial is a linguistic term I came across today on this blog post. It was coined by Yakov Malkiel in a 1959 article in the linguistics journal, Lingua, and refers to pairs of words on either side of a conjunction such as and that are always used in a particular order. For example, bread […]

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Image you’re at a party to celebrate a friend’s birthday. It’s a Saturday or Sunday, the party’s been going on for quite a while and you’re starting to feel somewhat fatigued. In English and most other languages it would take a whole sentence to explain this situation. In Estonian however, there’s a word that covers […]

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Articulatory Phonetics

Today I came across an online collection of recorded exercises from W. Smalley’s Manual of Articulatory Phonetics. The exercises are design to help distinguish different types of sounds based on their point of articulation, articulators, manner of articulation, or point and manner of articulation. This looks useful if you have the book, and quite useful […]

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Reading baby

According to an blog post I found today, teaching a baby sign language can help him or her to learn to read at an very early age. The post is about a 17 month old girl who can read, as she demonstrates on the video embedded in the post. Her parents, who are both Speech […]

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Name the language

Here’s a recording of a poem in a mystery language. Do you know or can you guess which language it is?

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How good are you?

Today we have another guest post from James in Santiago, Chile. There comes a stage in every language when you start asking yourself how good you are. Yes, it’s fun to play around learning the Basque verb system or to be able to speak enough to get by as a tourist in 10 different languages, […]

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