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Young polyglot

According to a Press Association article, a 10 year old British school boy has mastered ten languages, and is working on his eleventh. He grew up speaking Hindi and English, learnt Spanish, Italian, German and French at school, and has taught himself Thai, Swahili, Mandarin and Polish using CDs and DVDs, as part of a […]

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Learn vocabulary in your own language

Today we have a guest post from James in Chile: I came across this website which helps the hungry as you build your word power and have been playing on it. It’s quite fun (I am at the level 45/46 out of 50 levels) and is the sort of thing I would LOVE to see […]

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Language quiz

Here’s the first verse of a well-known song in a mystery language. Do you know or can you guess which language it is? Clue: this language is spoken in parts of North America.

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Language quiz

Here’s a recording of part of a song in a mystery language. Any ideas which language it is?

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Online language tests

Most online language tests I’ve come across seem to use be of the ‘fill in the blanks’ variety. Today I found an online Chinese test with some interesting variations on the theme. It’s divided into three sections, the first of which asks to choose where to place words, which you are given, in sentences. The […]

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Give peas a chance

An interesting article in the Washington Post that I found today describes one way of encouraging kids to learn languages – through a shared task, in this case, shelling peas. The article’s author explains that her son was reluctant to learn her mother tongue, Hindi, until a visit to India when he was four years […]

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Word of the day – holistic

I’ve just been listening to a very good radio adaptation of Douglas Adam’s novel, Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, and that got me wondering about the word holistic. In the novel, Dirk Gently explains that holistic refers to his belief in “the fundamental interconnectedness of all things”, a belief he applies in his work. He […]

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Word of the day – fey

One of my correspondents asked me today whether I knew of any suitable translations of the English word fey, which has a number of meanings, including: – Having or displaying an otherworldly, magical, or fairy-like aspect or quality – Having visionary power; clairvoyant – Appearing touched or crazy, as if under a spell In Scots, […]

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Language quiz

Here is a recording in a mystery language and in an unusual style. Can you name the language and/or the style of singing?

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Name the language

Here is a short text in a mystery language sent in by Shair Ahmed. Do you know or can you guess which language it is? Tíobáhai hi báaiso kohoaihíaisóogabagaí. Tí ‘ísi báaiso ‘ogabagai, gíiai ‘ogihíaihiaba. Tíobáhai hi ‘ísi báaiso ‘oaboihaí. ‘Ahoakohoaihio ‘ísi kaopápihaí. Clue: the name of this language looks a bit fishy.

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