New Khasi Alphabet

This alphabet was devised by Jüda F. Kapu from Umbir in Meghalaya as a new way to write Khasi, a Khasic language spoken mainly in the state of Meghalaya in the northeast of India. Unlike the version of the Latin alphabet usually used to write Khasi, this alphabet distinguishes between short and long vowels.

New Khasi Alphabet

New Khasi Alphabet


Sample text

Marwei nga long ka khláw,
La tang marwei nga míc;
Ki jingpyrkhat bakhráw,
Hapoc jong nga ki khíc

IPA transcription

marwɛi ŋa lɔŋ ka kʰlaːw
la t̪aŋ marwɛi ŋa miːʔ
kI ʤIŋpɨrkʰat̪ bakʰraːw
hapɔʔ ʤɔŋ ŋa ki kʰiːʔ


Alone I am a forest,
Though alone I emerge;
Of noble thoughts,
Inside of me they rattle.

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Information about the Khasi language

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