Neansaí, mhile grá (Nancy, My Precious Love)

This is a traditional Irish love song

Neansaí, mhile grá

A Neansaí, 'mhíle grá, a bhruinneall 'tá gan smál.
Go bhfeice mise'n t-ádh 'gus an séan ort.
Ba ghile do dhá láimh ná cúr geal na trá
Ná'n eala 's í a' snámh ar an Éirne.

Is glaise liom do shúil ná braon beag den drúcht
Is binne liomsa tú ná na téadaí
'S mur' n-éalaí tusa liomsa titfidh mé i lionn dubh
'Gus cuirfear insa chill 'do dhéidh mé.

Is iomaí sin guth mná a chluinimse 'ngach aird
Abhus agus taobh thall den Éirne
Go Corcaigh na gCuan 's go Béal Ath' na Sluaigh
'Sí Neansaí 'thug bua ar a' méid sin

A Mhuire 'gus a Dhia, nárbh aoibhinn deas é'r saol
Dá mbeinnse agus í le chéile?
Tráthnóna aoibhinn ciúin, ó mise 'gus mo rún
Ag cogarnaíl ar uaigneas sléibhe.

Beir litir uaimse suas chuig Neansaí chaoin na gcuach
Is aithris di gur buartha atá mé
Aithris di arís nach gcodlaím féin
aon oíche Le harraing atá trí mo thaobh deas.

Aithris é dá súil, aithris é dá cúl
Aithris é dá méin mhaith chéillí
Aithris é dá ceann 's dá béilín atá binn
Gur ghiorraigh sí go cinnte mo laetha'.

Nancy, My Precious Love

Nancy, my love, beautiful woman without blemish.
May luck and fortune accompany you.
Your hands are whiter than the foam on the beach
Or than the swan that swims on the Erne River.

Your eyes are more beautiful than a dewdrop
And your voice sounds prettier than harpstrings
And if you don't run away with me, life will be over
And because of you, they will bury me.

I hear the voices of many women everywhere
Here, there and on the other side of the Erne River
Even Cork with its ports and the city Ballinasloe
Nancy is the most beautiful of all of them

Oh Mary and my God, wouldn't we live well
If we could both be together?
On a nice, peaceful afternoon, my beloved and I
Whispering things to us on the deserted plateau.

Carry my letter to kind Nancy of the braids
And tell her how saddened I am
Tell her that I don't sleep at night
That a sharp pain punctures my side

Tell it to her eyes, tell it to her hair
Tell it to her good and sensible mood
Tell it to her head and also to her sweet mouth
Tell her that she has managed to shorten my days.

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