Mo Mhadadh Beag

This is a song by Seaghán Bán Mac Grianna from Ranafast (Rann na Feirste) in Donegal and is a lament for his dog. I learnt it in a sean-nós class with Gearóidín Bhreathnach at Oideas Gael in July 2013.

Mo Mhadadh Beag

Luím ar mo laebaidh,
'Gus ní chodlaím aon néal go maidin,
Ach a' meabhrú ar mo mhadadh bheag,
A d'imigh uaim sa scarthanaigh.

Och, och, mo mhadadh beag,
Och, och, mo mhadadh beag,
Tá piachán in mo sceadamán
A' scairtigh ar mo mhadadh beag.

A choiléain bhig bhí soineanta
'S a bhí stuama, críonna, cineálta
D'imigh tú uaim le bánu 'n lae,
'S níor phill tú 'riamh ó shin orm.


Nach iomaí maidin Shamhraidh arú,
'sheol tú amach na gamhna domh,
Chun 'tsléibhe ruaidh is éan na cuaiche,
A' seinn ceoil 'sna gleanntáin dúinn.


Tá'n eala ar loch na carriage,
Tá bric ar loch a' charbaid,
Tá fir a' gabháil na farraige,
I mbádaí is seoltaí geala orthu.


Gealleadh coileán eile domh,
Ar acht mo chur ó mharignigh,
Ach ní thiocfaidh arís ceann eil' chun tí,
Ó chaill mé féin mo mhadadh beag.


My little dog

I jump into my bed,
And can't sleep a wink,
Becuase I'm thinking of my little dog,
Who left me at daybreak.

Och, och my little dog,
Och, och my little dog,
There's a hoarseness in my throat
From calling for my little dog.

You were a innocent puppy,
And clever, wise and kind,
You left me at daybreak
And you have not returned since then.


On many a summer morning,
You drove calves out with me,
To the red mountains of the cuckoos
Who sing in the brown glens.


The swan is on Loch na Carriage
The trout are in Loch a' Charbaid
Men are going out on the ocean,
In boats with white sails.


Another pupply was promised to me,
To stop me from complaining
But I won't have another in my house
Since I lost my little dog.


This is my own translation. I welcome corrections and suggestions for improvements.

Here's a recording of me singing this song:

Another recording of this song


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