Fear A Bhàta (The Boat Man)

This song was written in the late 19th century by Sìne NicFhionnlaigh of Tong, Lewis who was courting a young fisherman from Uig, Dòmhnall MacRath. It was first published in Henry Whyte's collection, The Celtic Lyre (Edinburgh, 1898). This is an Irish version of the song, which was originally in Scottish Gaelic.

Fear A Bháta

A fhir a bháta is na horó eile
A fhir a bháta is na horó eile
A fhir a bháta is na horó eile
Mo shoraid slán leat gach áit a dtéid thú

Theid mé suas ar an chnoc is airde
Féach a bhfeic mé fear a bháta
An dtig thú anocht nó an dtig thú amárach?
Muna dtig thú idir is trua atá mé


Tá mo chroíse briste brúite
Is tric na deora a rith bho mo shúileann
An dtig thú inniu nó am bídh mé dúil leat?
Nó an druid mé an doras le osna thuirseach?


Thug mé gaol duit is chan fhéad mé 'athrú
Cha gaol bliana is cha gaol ráithe
Ach gaol ó thoiseacht nuair bha mé 'mo pháiste
Is nach seasc a choíche me gus cloígh' an bás mé.


The Boat Man

Man of the boat and no one else
Man of the boat and no one else
Man of the boat and no one else
My safe blessing with you everywhere you go

I went up to the highest hill to see
If I could see the man of the boat
Will you come tonight or come tomorrow?
If you do not come between, it's sad I'll be


My heart is bruised and broken
And tears flow from my eyes
Will you come today or will I expect you?
Or will I close the door with a tired sigh?


I gave you my love, and I cannot change that
Not love for a year, and not just words of love
But love from the beginning, when I was a child
And I will never cease, even when my death bell tolls


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