Cearc agus Coileach

This version of this song comes from Lillis Ó Laoire, who got it from John Phaidí Hiúdaí Ó Duibheannaigh of Rann na Feirste. There are different versions from Munster and Connacht.

I learnt this song from Lillis Ó Laoire and Gearódín Breathnach in the sean-nóis class at Oideas Gael in 2009 and 2011.

Cearc agus Coileach

Cearc agus coileach a d'imigh le chéile
Amach fríd na sléibhte gur bris siad a gcroí
Chuaigh siad go Sligeach is go Corcaigh 'na dhiaidh sin
Nó go dteachaigh an scéala amach fríd an tír.

Mo choileach breá ramhar a rugadh sa Mhárta
Nó go dtáinig na mná a chuir dúil insan fheoil
Phioc siad a chrúba agus scil siad a chnámha
Agus chaith siad an lá sin súgach go leor.

Dá bhfeicfeá mo choileach lá aonaigh na sráide
'Fhuip ina dhorn 's é chomh bródúil le rí
Bhí péire spor geal air, den airgead déanta
'Hata fá lásaí agus lámhainní buí.


Chuir mé mo choileach go paróiste Bhaollach
San áit a mbeadh didean aige le fail,
An áit a bhfuil na fir fhearúl' a chroithfeadh an síol
'S nach maifeadh a choiche ar mo choileach a sháith.

'Och, och', ars' an chearc is í ag dul ar an aradh
Nach buartha bocht imníoch deireadh mo scéil
Athair mo chlainne 'gus céile mo leapa
Bheith sínte sa phota 'gus leac ar a bhéal.


A Hen and a Cock

A hen and a cock went away together
Out on the hills until they broke their hearts
They went to Sligo and then to Cork
Until the story went out through the country.

My fine fat cock who was born in March
Until the women came who desired meat,
They picked his claws and stripped his bones
and spent the day very merrily.

If you had seen my cock on the fair day,
His whip in his hand and he as proud as a king,
He wore a pair of bright spurs made of silver,
A hat trimmed with lace and yellow gloves.


I sent my cock to the parish of the O'Boyles
Where he might find shelter
Where the generous men live who would scatter the seed
And who would never begrudge my cock his fill.

'Alas, alas,' said the hen, as she climbed the roost,
'How pitiful anxious and sad is the end of my story,
The father of my children and the partner of my bed
To be stretched in the pot with the stone on his mouth.'


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