Buachaill Ón Éirne (The Boy from the Erne)

This is a traditional Irish love song that is quite 'tongue-in-cheek', flirtatious and teasing.

I first heard this song on Clannad's album Past Present.

Buachaill Ón Éirne

Buachaill ón Éirne mé 's bhréagfainn féin cailín deas óg
Ní iarrfainn bó spré léithe tá mé féin saibhir go leor
'S liom Corcaigh 'a mhéid é dhá thaobh a' ghleanna 's Tír Eoghain
'S mura n-athraí mé béasaí 's mé n' t-oidhr' ar Chontae Mhaigh Eo

Rachaidh mé 'márach a dhéanamh leanna fán choill
Gan choite gan bád gan gráinnín brach' ar bith liom
Ach duilliúr na gcraobh mar éideadh leapa os mo chionn
'S óró sheacht mh'anam déag thú 's tú 'féachaint orm anall

Buachailleacht bó, mo leo nár chleacht mise ariamh
Ach ag imirt 's ag 'ol 's le hógmhná deasa fá shliabh
Má chaill mé mo stór ní móide gur chaill mé mo chiall
A's ní mó liom do phóg ná'n bhróg atá'r caitheamh le bliain

A chuisle 's a stór ná pós an seanduine liath
Ach pós a' fear óg, mo leo mura maire sé ach bliain
Nó beidh tú go fóill gan ó nó mac os do chionn
A shilfeadh a'n deor tráthnóna nó'r maidin go trom

Boy from the Erne

I'm a boy from Ireland and I could charm a nice young girl
I would not ask for her wealth as I am rich enough myself
I own a good part of Cork two sides of the glen in Tir Eoghain
And not to repeat myself I'm the heir of County Mayo

I will go tomorrow to make ale in the wood
Without a cot, without a boat without a pinch of gruel with me
But leaves of the branches as bedclothes over my head
And think well done for you as you watch me from over there

A cowherd, my pet I've never been accustomed to be
Instead of playing and drinking with the nice young women on the mountainside
If I lost my riches I probably didn't lose my senses
And your kiss is no more to me now than a shoe worn for a year

My darling and my love don't marry the gray old man
But marry a young man, my pet if he only lives but a year
Or you will be without a descendant to succeed you
And you'd shed sorrowful tears from morning 'til night

Here's the tune of this song played on the Low Whistle

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Leaganacha eile den amhrán seo

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