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Bheir Mi Ó

This is the Irish version of Scottish Gaelic song known as Gràdh Geal Mo Chridh' (My heart's fair love) or An Eriskay Love Lilt. It tells of a man who has lost his gift for music in his loneliness and longing for the woman he loves, until she said her destiny was with him. The Scottish Gaelic version has a slightly different tune.

I think I first heard this song in Teach Biddy's in Glencolmcille while studying Irish at Oideas Gael in June 2005.

Bheir Mi Ó

Bheir mi óró 'bhean ó
Bheir mi óró, ó 'bhean í
Bheir mi óró ó hó
'S mé tá brónach 's tú im dhíth

'S iomaí oíche fliuch is fuar
Thug mé cuairt is mé liom féin
Nó go ráinig mé san áit
Mar a raibh grá geal mo chléibh


I mo chláirseach ní raibh ceol
I mo mheoraibh ní raibh brí
No gur luaigh tú do rún
'S fuair mé eolas ar mo dhán



Bheir mi óró 'bhean ó
Bheir mi óró, ó 'bhean í
Bheir mi óró ó hó
Sad am I without thee

Many cold and wintery nights
All alone I travelled far
'Til at last I reached the place
Where I found my dearest love


There was no music in my harp
No strength flowed from my mind
'Til your secret you revealed
And at last I knew your thoughts


Scottish Gaelic version

Tá an t-amhrán le cloisteáil ar na halbaim seo


Leaganacha eile den amhrán seo

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