Leis an Lurgainn

This song was written by a MacInnes from Fort William after returning home safely from a stormy voyage to Ireland on his ship, The Lurgainn. I learnt it from Christine Primrose in the Gaelic Song class at Sabhal Mòr Ostaig on the Isle of Skye in 2008.

Leis an Lurgainn

Leis an lurgainn o hì
Leis an lurgainn o hò
Beul an anmoich o hì
'S fheudar falbh le cuid seòl

An Cuan Eirinn o hì
Muir ag èirigh o hò
'S cha bu lèir dhuinn o hì
Nì fon ghrèin ach na neòil

Seachad Ile o hì
Beul na h-oidhche o hò
Las sinn coinlean o hì
'S chuir sinn combaist air dòigh

Seachad Aros o hì
Bha i gàbhaidh o hò
'N fhairge làidir o hì
Suas gu barr a' chroinn-sgòid

Thuirt an sgiobair o hì
Ri chuid ghillean o hò
"Glacaibh misneachd o hì
'S dèanamh dìchioll a sheòid"

Suas a h-aodach o hì
Ri croinn chaola o hò
Snàmh cho aotrom o hì
Ris an fhaoilinn air lòn

Fhuair sinn fosgladh o hì
Ma ceann toisich o hò
Fear ga taomadh o hì
'S gillean coltach air bòrd

With the Lurgainn

With the Lurgainn, o hì
With the Lurgainn, o hò
In the eveing, o hì
We had to set sail

In the Irish sea
the sea was rising
And we could not see
Anything under the sun but the clouds

Past Islay
At nightfall
We lit candles
And set our compass

Past Aros
It was hazardous
The mighty seas
Up to the boom

The skipper said
To hìs lads
"Have confidence
and do your best"

Up with the sails
On their slender masts
swimming as lightly
as the gull on the pond

We sprang a leak
In the front of the bow
One man bailing her out
And lads like him on deck

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