Teaching Languages: Here Are Things You Must Know About Becoming a Language Teacher

by Maria Hills

Teaching a foreign language is equally enjoyable as learning it. Becoming a language instructor is a great career path and can open several opportunities. You can specialize in more than one language and teach others as a language instructor in institutions or online. Before you start teaching foreign language, here are things you should know.

1. Get a Degree or Enroll in a Teacher Training Program

Speaking a language well does not mean you can be a teacher. Get a degree or a Master's in the language to qualify to teach the language professionally. Remember, undertaking professional training can be expensive, and you can consider loans with car titles to fund your training. With a degree or professional qualifications, you can teach the language at colleges and universities or have people enroll at your private classes.

2. Consider a Foreign Language Teacher Certification

In addition to the degree, consider taking up a foreign language teacher certification to have broader career opportunities. Some institutions and states require you to be accredited to teach a foreign language. In most states, you cannot be allowed to teach in elementary, middle and high school unless you are certified.

3. Be Open to Opportunities

Once you become qualified and accredited, you can start applying for jobs. Depending on your preferences, you can take up jobs either in your state or abroad. Also, you can consider teaching online, which does not require certification. Remember to include all the certificates, experiences, language proficiency and education background when applying for the foreign language teaching jobs.

4. Have the Learners Start Speaking Immediately

Once you start teaching the language, encourage the learners to start speaking immediately. When the learners start practicing the language early speeds up the learning process.

5. Keep the Lessons Engaging and Interesting

Learning a new language is as exciting as understanding the culture. As a foreign language teacher, keep the lessons exciting and engaging for the learners. As a language teacher, you can acquire different learning materials from the said culture, which makes learning the language even more enjoyable. Additionally, you can also combine the learning with taking cultural trips to ethnic restaurants. Understanding the culture behind the language is equally important as learning the language.

6. Use Multi-Media to Teach

To enhance the classroom learning experience, consider teaching using the multimedia tools available. Although a student can perform well in the classroom, they may have difficulties talking the language when they visit the country of the language. Have your students watch TV, listen to radio shows, and read books in that native language.


Teaching a foreign language is fun and a great career to pursue. There are a lot of career opportunities for foreign language teachers. As an instructor, get the requisite certification and accreditations. Also, practice the language so that you can perfect your skills to be competent instructor.


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