Why Playing Outside Is Best For Your Kids

by Marcus Wiseman

From watching television to playing online, kids seem to be spending more time inside the house. It makes children introvert and physically weak. Different studies highlighted the negative impacts of spending time inside on the health and development of children.

On the other hand, some studies show the benefits of outdoor games. According to these researches, children learn more when they play outside. They become familiar with the hardships of life. They become more creative in their thoughts.

Playing outside is always full of fun for children. It allows them to connect with others. Ten years ago, it would be hard to find any kid that did not adore outdoor playing, but today, children prefer to play indoor games.

There are some reasons why playing outdoor has more benefits than indoor games

1. Outdoor Games Make Them More Responsible

When a child plays in outside with other kids away from adults supervision, it increases the sense of independence in them. They feel more responsible when they spend time without their parents on a trip overseas as a youth. They learn to pick themselves up, and they negotiate on unfamiliar and strange things. It makes them more self-reliant and more confident.

2. They Explore New Things

When children play outdoor games, they interact with new ideas. They like to learn about these things. Most students ask questions related to their latest discoveries. Outdoor activities push children to break the boundaries and provoke them to explore new animate and inanimate objects. Playing out also encourage them to try new things without any adult guidance.

3. Playing Outdoor Improve Their Socialized Skills

Kids who use to go out more or love to play outside they have a large social circle. On the other hand, indoor children are often isolated. They feel shy to communicate with others. They don't feel comfortable when they go out without their parents.

On the other side, children who spend some time on outdoor activities are more socialized. They become more confident and always keep ready to participate in games.

4. They Have Healthy Mind

As everyone knows that “A sound mind in a sound body,” it is essential for children to spend time out in fresh air and environment. Playing outside can provide your kid with better comprehension ability and also make him free-spirited mind. It helps him in developing a better personality.

5. Imaginary and Pretend Plays

When kids play outside, they become familiar with different things. Playing outside allows them to acquire new information and knowledge. When children play, they think about their lives. It permits them to develop important cognitive, emotional, social, academic skills. When your child participated in kids pretend play, he enhances his language, social, and organizational skills.

6. Physically Strong

A child improves his motor skills when he runs, jumps, and lift objects. They intentionally get aerobic exercise and gain skills such as pulling and pushing outside things. They burn their calories when they perform these function and make themselves safe from obesity. These outdoor games help them to strengthen their bones and muscles. Playing in sunlight also a source of getting Vitamin D, it protects children against rickets. Rickets is a disease that causes bones to become soft.


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