What Are the Most Marketable Languages to Learn in 2023?

by Maria Hills

If you are looking to learn new languages – other than English, you should probably ask yourself this question: What's the most marketable language to learn in 2023?

We understand that it can be difficult to choose one out of the many languages available in school.

A language becomes marketable if it provides numerous career opportunities for people in different fields. Two, the language should have many speakers, and three, you can use the language in various situations, cultures, countries, and places.

Here are the six languages that pass this criterion.


Did you know that Spanish has over 400 million speakers located in over 20 countries around the world? In 2019, it was also regarded as the second most popular language in the world.

Many companies are setting up offices in Spanish-speaking countries or towns. In most of these job openings, you'll find that companies will offer an attractive salary to qualifying candidates.


The language is one of the most spoken languages in the world. According to stats, one in six people worldwide speaks Chinese – Mandarin or Cantonese.

Learning Chinese is a perfect opportunity for you because many businesses nowadays work with manufacturers from China. Therefore, a company can hire you since you can be instrumental in helping them negotiate better deals.

Psychologically, Chinese is an interesting language as the speakers use both hemispheres of the brain when speaking. Hence, it unlocks your brain in a better way.


French and English are global languages. Conventionally, French was the official diplomatic and international language, not English. That's why international bodies such as FIFA, the UN, Olympic Committee, and UNESCO use French.

If you learn French, you'll open doors to working with huge global brands. Many companies, including the ones that offer online title loans, hire individuals that understand this language and will pay them huge salaries.


The language has over 300 million speakers spread out across the world. Arabic played a role in shaping many international policies and events. English, too, borrowed up to 1000 words from the language.

If you want to learn Arabic, you'll be in high demand. For instance, US government agencies have been looking for native speakers in recent years more than ever.


It is the second most spoken language in Europe. Many Europeans, including those in Russia, the Czech Republic, Croatia, and Lithuania, will learn it as their second language because it opens many career opportunities in these countries.

Besides this, Germans have over 100 million native speakers, and it's the third most taught language in the world.


Although the language is not commonly taught in school, it offers learners an excellent opportunity to increase their cognitive skills and explore different cultures.

Besides this, As the Asian economy continues to increase, this would be a great language to learn as you can get career opportunities in these countries.

Final remarks

That's it for now! If you have been having a rough time choosing the best language to learn, we hope this article sheds enough light on the most marketable languages you should consider doing in 2023 and onwards.


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