5 Great Resources for Medical Translators

by Adela Belin

Medical translation is a highly specialised service and requires significant efforts from the translators to deliver a quality output. Did you know that apart from the linguistic skills, medical translation requires specific training and subject matter knowledge to translate a medical content? It’s because of the highly technical, sensitive and regulated nature of the medical texts. Due to the complexity of the medical terminology and the need to be accurate, a medical translator must take necessary care while translating a document.

To improve the efficiency of the task, medical translators can refer various online sources for help and guidance. However, it’s critical that only the most authentic and valid sources are referred. I would like to share five great resources I have found that will be beneficial to medical translators.

Medi Lexicon

Medi Lexicon is an excellent reference source for medical lexicons and terminologies while translating a medical document. The website lists medical abbreviations that are frequently used in medical documents. It’s an excellent source for finding the necessary information if a medical translator is unable to understand the meaning of a medical term.


LILACS is a repository medical and scientific journals, records, thesis and terms. The website hosts a large volume of information primarily from Latin America and the Caribbean This information is pretty useful for a medical translator who wants more information on specific medical terminologies or processes.


PubMed’s website allows access to a large number of medical resources. A medical translator will find this site quite useful while working on a document. It’s a very useful website when it comes to getting relevant and updated medical information.


ScienceDaily is a general purpose scientific site but is pretty useful regarding resources it offers and the ease of navigation. It’s a fantastic source of information for medical translators if they require more information on medical science.

U.S. National Library of Medicine

The US National Library of Medicine is an online library of the National Institution of Health. It’s one of the biggest sources of information on the developments, advancements and the latest practices in the field of medicine. Since it lists all the current and most recent information in the domain of medical science in the United States, it’s an extremely useful resource for any medical professional including medical translators.

The above sources are among the best options available online for accessing useful and accurate information. The medical translators who use these and other similar resources are more efficient than those translators who only translate the documents without much research.

Ensure that you do thorough research while translating medical documents. It’s imperative for a medical document to be accurate, specific and easy to read and understand. An ineffective translation can make a document undecipherable for the readers. By understanding the subject matter well, the quality of the translation can be improved immensely, and the above mentioned resources can help in this regard. This also helps a translator in setting him apart from rest of the crowd.

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