Unique Benefits of Having a Language Exchange Partner

by Alicia Honeycutt

If you love to travel, then a sure-fire way to get in tune with the culture and the locals, is to know their language. Knowing the language makes traveling and staying in international locations that much easier. Besides, being like a local may get you better deals and discounts too. If you want to be fluent in the language of your choice, then the best way is to find a language exchange partner. There are many benefits to having one, here two unique ones:

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It’s Better Than DIY

Learning a language on your own is a real struggle for many. It’s not about the audio books or grammar lessons, that’s the easy part. Learning a language can be fun when you have a language exchange partner. They can correct you and gently teach you details that no online resources ever will.

Learn More Than Words

Communication is not just verbal, but facial expressions and gestures together form a crucial part of any language. No amount of text notes or audio books will help you learn active speaking as interacting with another person in the same language can. A language exchange partner makes learning this easier and your vocabulary improves faster too.

How to Find a Language Exchange Partner

Your language exchange partner could be a local. It could also be somebody you befriend online. Finding a local partner is not that hard as you may imagine. We live in a dynamic era wherein it's easier for multinationals to travel and live in different locations.

A Local Partner

You are most likely to find someone in your area who wants to help you as much as they want to improve their English language too. Here are a few places to find a local to be your language exchange partner:

A Virtual Partner

If the language you want to learn is unique, then you may have a hard time looking for a local partner. This is why the internet is so great; it connects you to anyone, anywhere, and at any time. You can now meet a language exchange partner in the comfort and safety of your own home. All you have to do is create an account, connect and begin your journey to a new language bliss! There are countless online resources you can count on, but these some of the best.

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Whichever path you choose, whether local or a virtual language exchange partner, the key is to have a schedule. As much as you would like to keep it casual, your main goal is to learn a new language. So keep the days consistent and allow a specific time to divide teaching and learning slots for each other. Most of all, be brave to learn from mistakes and remember to practice until you get it perfect.


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