Learn a New Language: Expand Your International Business

Alena Antalíková

Modern business is more international than ever before, and learning a new language can be a great way to give you an edge over the competition, especially if you're targeting a specific international customer-base. Learning the language will also help to give you a good idea of the culture and therefore a better understanding of your target audience.

Speaking from experience, I can confirm that it's easier to learn a new language now than it ever was at school, and that's even if you subscribe to the idea that it's easier to learn languages when you're younger. That's because there are so many fantastic new tools on the market, from smartphone apps to YouTube channels and even bilingual e-books.

You also need to decide which language to study. If you're reading this post, the chances are that you're one of the billion plus people who speak English as a primary, foreign or second language. It might not surprise you to know that, in 2017, 95% of students in upper secondary education in the EU were learning English as a foreign language.

Getting some help

So where exactly should you turn when you're looking to learn a new language? In part, that depends upon what type of learner you are. Some people learn best from language textbooks, while others prefer interactive tools or sitting at the back of a classroom and taking notes as a lecturer talks through different subjects.

You'll also need to remember that there are different aspects to learning a new language. For example, learning to read a language is all well and good, but you'll also need to be able to listen to it and to speak it if you want to carry out a conversation. Because of that, it can help to find different tools to help with those different areas of language.

You can improve your reading skills by picking up books, magazines and other articles, and you can boost your listening skills by listening to audio books or talking to native speakers. That's one of the best ways to improve your spoken skills as well, although you can generally practice the lot if you're willing to install a battery of different smartphone apps. One great way to improve your written skills or to get an important document double checked is to search for assignment help UK and to pick a company to lend a hand.

Why learn a language?

Learning a new language is the key to your international future. In other words, if you want to either spend some time living abroad or to do significant amounts of work in a foreign country, it's only going to be possible if you put the time in to learn the language before you leave.

The good news is that as well as being good for business, learning a new language can also be inherently rewarding in and of itself. It helps to keep your brain sharp while giving you hits of dopamine every time you make progress.

For some professionals, learning a new language can even unlock new income streams. If you're a writer, for example, then being able to write in a new language can potentially help you to take on new clients in a new region. It could also open up opportunities for you to pivot to being a translator or an interpreter.

So if you haven't thought about learning a new language already, perhaps it's time for you to give it a go. Remember that the best time to get started is ten years ago and the second best time is now. Good luck.


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