Some tips on Learning the Indonesian Language

Many English speakers say that it is easy to Learn Indonesian. But why are there still many others who never succeed in learning the language, let alone speaking Indonesian fluently despite the fact that they have stayed in Indonesia for years, even decades?

Because Indonesian is considered as one of the easiest languages in the world, many non Indonesian speakers underestimate the learning process that they have to endure in order to master the language completely. They think that simply staying in Indonesia and try to pick up a few words and phrases from the natives around them will soon help them speak the language naturally. But to tell you the truth, it has been proven that this theory does not work at all. There have been many foreigners in Indonesia who have stayed for ten years or even more yet they can hardly speak the language at all. Most of them even have local Indonesian wives and have had children too, but their Indonesian speaking skills are very limited and they have to rely on their wives to translate almost everything they say to the non English speakers. So what is the best way to learn Indonesian language then?

Tips on Learning Indonesian Effectively

1. Set yourself a realistic goal

If you are really serious about learning a new language, you should set a realistic goal and have a detailed plan on how to master the language, no matter how easy the language might seem. Spare some time to memorize at least twenty to thirty new words each day, the more the better, and try to make sentences out of them. Ask your Indonesian language teacher to spare a little time just to test your vocabulary each time and correct the sentences you have made. This not only will increase your Indonesian vocabulary, but also help you understand how to use each word in many different contexts and situations.

2. Try to use the language often

Try to practice the language as frequently as possible. The best way is to set a specific time with your Indonesian teacher to spare at least thirty minutes each session to practice the language with him or her. Your teacher can correct you immediately if you make mistakes. In this way you can improve your Indonesian speaking skills effectively and rapidly. It has been widely known that the best way to master a language is by using it in daily conversation, and you can only do that easily if you are already familiar with some Indonesian words and phrases.

But what if you are a beginner who has never learned the language at all? Don't worry. You can learn how to pronounce the Indonesian words correctly in a short time. Indonesian language uses a very simple system which does not require the learners to learn about the tenses at all. You will also realize that even the pronunciation is so simple that most people will master it in less than thirty minutes!

Below is a video of how to Learn Indonesian pronunciation the easy way.

Simply do both of the above steps in each of your Indonesian learning session, and before you know it, you'll be telling jokes and stories to your Indonesian friends around you in Indonesian!

Sumitted by Jasaritin from Online Indonesian Language Course and Lesson


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