5 Forecasts for the Future of Turkish

by Abdullah Erol

Speaking various dialects of Turkish, Turkic peoples have a population of almost 350 millions, inhabiting more than 10 countries including remote parts of Mongolia to Turkey, and even Europe. There are nearly 10 million Turkish speakers in Europe alone.

Although Turkish language remained under the dust for the most part of the 20th century, the new century heralded a much brighter future for both the speakers and learners of the language. This noted, here are my 5 forecasts for the future of Turkish language:

  1. Turkish will be spoken by 500 million people in 20 years' time thanks to the efforts of Turkish non-governmental organizations and the government. Turkish airline operators now fly to nearly 195 countries compared to almost 100 countries a decade ago.
  2. Now spoken by the Presidents of 10 countries including Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Turkey, I expect Turkish to be the second language of 20 additional Presidents in the near future! I mean, 30 Presidents will be speaking Turkish as their first or second language in the next two decades. Today, there are more than 1 million Africans speaking Turkish, but many African Presidents will be speaking Turkish in 2034.
  3. Millions of people will start taking Turkish courses and develop new friendships talking Turkish with one another! Turkish language will be the "language of dialogue" in the Middle East, Europe, Central Asia and Africa! Hundreds of thousands of Americans will be speaking Turkish in 20 years' time thanks to the efforts of the Turkish diaspora in the USA.
  4. Turkic peoples will integrate better if they could work their way around dialect-linked problems. Such an integration may even lead us to a Union of Turkic States! Turkic nations will cooperate for a more uniform and standardized dialect of the Turkish language!
  5. Turkish books will be translated into numerous world languages. All major companies shall have their websites and product manuals translated into Turkish. Turkish language will become one of the 5 major languages of the online domain. Turkish-speaking businessmen, business executives and diplomats will find more and more opportunities.

It's NOW high time for the Turkish language! Learning Turkish will open you new cultural, historical, educational and business horizons, allowing you to penetrate into the Turkish-speaking markets and travel in many parts of the world.

If you're interested in finding millions of bilingual (English-Turkish) sentence pairs, you can visit my website Yeminli Sözlük at http://www.yeminlisozluk.com.

About the author

Abdullah Erol is a medical translator and the founder of Yeminli Sözlük, the most comprehensive Corpus of English-Turkish Sentence Pairs developed for translators, researchers and learners of Turkish. He is the author of three books including Çevirmenin Başucu Kitabı, which is available at amazon.com.


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