by Jacek Hawrot


In this paper, I will present an international auxiliary language that I have created - Combinese. The paper contains four sections, and 19 subsections.


The paper tries to answer the following question:

How to provide effective communication between survivors and rescuers during a natural disaster, when members of both groups are not able to understand each other because of the language barrier?

The search for the answer gave birth to Combinese. Combinese was created in order to provide help during several situations:

  1. when survivors are too shocked to communicate efficiently with rescuers,
  2. when rescuers do not share the same language with survivors,
  3. when survivors are tourists that do not share the same language with the locals.

The situations listed above are situations in which time is everything; both groups must be able to understand each other. The lack of communication in the situations listed above may lead to the next tragedies.

I have also begun to "expand" Combinese, so it can be used in daily life between people that have various native languages.

Read this paper (PDF format, 198K)


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